Its Week Six at the allotment and we did our very first bit of planting today.


We haven’t been for a fortnight, but you can see the progress we made at the end of our last visit there.


My mum ordered loads of fruit canes online for us to plant, and we received a parcel in the week which we thought were our raspberries, we’re expecting about eighteen canes?


But once we opened the parcel we realised that this wasn’t our raspberry canes – it was far too tiny to contain 18 canes!


We had it in our minds that we were going to be planting a whole load of raspberry canes so it was a bit underwhelming when we opened a mere three canes.


So we worked with what we had we got busy planting our three canes of redcurrants.


We begun with digging a trench deep enough for the roots of the redcurrant bushes to be planted in. But where the ground on the surface at the top was frozen it made for difficult work.


My mum and Grandma did most of the planting today, purely because my feet were absolutely freezing to the point where my toes were hurting. I need to get some actual boots rather than wellies as they’re just not proving warm enough.


This was the outcome of the redcurrant canes, you can’t really see it very clearly, but when I went to snap a pic the weather was sleety and I couldn’t get a decent one.


From a distance you can barely see any difference or that we’ve planted anything.


This is next door on my grandparent’s plot, 117 (I think its 117 anyway) where they have some raspberry canes planted. So hopefully once our raspberries arrive they will look something like this.


Their plot is coming together so nicely, it is lovely to see lots of things growing! I’m looking forward to when we’re at the growing stage, slowly but surely and todays the first step towards it.



Today was also Round Two of looking like a complete fool:

Take #1


Take #2


Take #3


Oh dear. All in the name of trying to keep warm. I’m literally wearing 5 layers here and I still froze.


Even if I was frozen, I was still glad we made the effort in the freezing cold and we still made some progress which is always nice to see. Plus we probably wont be going for a little while as next weekend is Christmas!


I was so happy to get home to the warm Smile


Tonight we watched The Polar Express, which was a lovely festive film. Definitely worth a watch this Christmas!


I’ve been feeling a little run down today as I caught Gary’s cold, my throat has been a little icky and sore. Whenever I get run down I just can’t stomach hot drinks I don’t know why, but I’ve been craving tea and coffee all day long but they just don’t taste the same when I’m ill Sad smile Oh well! Rather this weekend than the next one!

My week off totally whizzed by, and I’m back to work again this week. But I’ve got a feeling this week could go even quicker than the previous one: I’m doing the late shift Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday is my work’s Christmas party, and then Friday is our last day of normality before the fun! I’m getting excited!

It’s going to be a good week! x


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