Dancing And Curry

But not in that particular order.

Last night we gathered for curry, but more importantly to watch the Strictly Come Dancing final, round my grandparent’s house. My grandpop loves watching the dancing so it was good fun to watch it with everyone. My aunt and her husband Dave were there, Mum, Dad and then Gary and I so there was a house full of us. Test run for the big day next week?


We sat down to eat fairly early because the dancing started at 7. The table was looking festive laid out with seasonal napkins and there were plenty of side dishes scattered about: onion barjis, samosas, naan and so on. Side dishes galore!


Gary eyeing up food rather than looking at the camera..


Mitchel didn’t wait to tuck in.


The atmosphere was jolly and festive all evening, even before the dancing commenced.


The jolly atmosphere could have had something to do with what my Dad was sipping on…


I was more concerned with my curry than any such beverage, holy plate full of food Surprised smile :


One word: stuffed.

There was no messing bout for Gary though, he enjoyed second helpings of curry and side dishes. That’s my boy! Open-mouthed smile


Mum and Dad.


Once we had all finished, it was time to sit down for Strictly!


It was serious business for Pops.


All eyes on the TV.



After the first show we voted for Harry and Chelsee to get into the final two. During the hour gap Grandma made tea, coffee and dished up dessert.


My Grandma made a chocolate and raspberry tart, which looked delicious but I was still very full up so passed on dessert. I think I was the only person who turned it down though.


Although a while later I did help myself to some warm plums with a dusting of sweetener, so nice!


I downloaded some games on my phone, and we were busy playing those while waiting for the final part of the programme to come back on. Angry Birds and Fall Down were key!


Gary left just before 9 as he was going to watch some boxing or something with his mates. Strictly isn’t really Gary’s cup of tea.. But we all enjoyed the final lots and were happy when Harry and Chelsee got into the final two. I didn’t mind who won in the end Smile

It was a fun evening and I think we’re all in the mood for Christmas now, I cannot believe its a week away! Crazy!

Off to dig and plant today, what are your Sunday plans? x


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