I Spy Snow


Another post featuring a picture of a lovely fireplace lit this week? It really must be winter. Here is another picture that means winter:


Snow!! Gah! We don’t like snow in this household. I don’t want to sound like a humbug but it just gets in the way of all your plans and responsibilities.

Nature: 1. Grace: 0. Baring teeth smile

Okay I can’t deny that it does look pretty, even when there is only a fluttering of it like today as it certainly does make a wintery scene. But totally unpractical in reality. I was very relieved that it had all melted by the afternoon.

Anyway as it was snowing all morning Mum and I stayed in and kept warm. In an attempt to stay productive I tackled the Christmas cards and wrapping.


We stick all of the cards we receive up in the doorway of our hall and somebody (meaning me) gets the job of hanging them all up.


A mug of coffee in my Christmas cup helped me plough through all the cards!


Next job was presents! I have successfully finished all of my Christmas shopping now so I made a start on wrapping them today.


Nearly got everything wrapped now!


This afternoon we went out for a walk for some fresh air, and also for our exercise for the day. Once you get over the initial chill it is really refreshing! A few times this week we’ve walked round the block in the evening to look at all the Christmas lights which has been chilly but very cute!

We popped in to my grandparents for a cup of tea in the afternoon which was nice. Tomorrow they invited us for the Strictly Come Dancing final for a curry night which will be good fun Open-mouthed smile

What are your weekend plans? 9 sleeps to go!


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