Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch So Lunch + Dinner = Linner

I’m not quite sure about linner but as there is such thing as brunch then there is definitely such thing as linner in my books. You know when you have a big meal like the ones you have at dinner time but its actually early afternoon and more like lunch time? Well yeah, today we went to for lunch/dinner at the Lord Raglan.


Nothing quite says ‘cosy’ like a warm open fire on a winters day. But if anywhere needs a fire burning its the pub we went in today! I’ve talked about this pub before on my blog (see this post), because we’ve been coming back for almost a decade for the amazing food, unfortunately we haven’t been very much at all with the year we’ve had but definitely want to change this in 2012!


But as I’ve said before, its an old building so it can be dark and cold. But today there was a gorgeous atmosphere in the pub! Every month a group of about fifty cyclists stop and have lunch in the pub and today we caught the end hustle and bustle of the group doing their monthly drop in. It was nice to see the pub busy with people (but not so busy that we didn’t get served Winking smile )




We were the last to order food in the pub this afternoon as the last order is at 2pm for it to close for the afternoon. We all ordered main meals, Dad got a steak burger, mum ordered sea bass and I ordered my favourite beef stir-fry:


I often have this when we come here because its so tasty, and includes all of my favourites: mushrooms, peppers, rice to name a few! I had a very happy and satisfied belly after that plate full of yumminess.


Once we had finished our meal the pub had virtually emptied out so we drank our drinks up and made an exit ourselves.

If you’re wondering, we had a light dinner at mealtime tonight (pumpkin soup) .. it was a nice treat for us all! x


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