What Makes A Good Christmas Movie?

I mentioned in my last post that we were going to watch a Christmas film but I forgot to say what one we watched.

We watched the Disney version of A Christmas Carol. And I have actually seen this version before, as I watched it last year the morning after my work Christmas party, but I was feeling a tad worse for wear and must have fallen asleep while it was on because I didn’t recall hardly any of it.


Um, this is not a feel-good Christmas film one bit? I mean I know the story line but jees, all this film did was make me jump from all the shouting and creepy music. It doesn’t make you feel all tingly and fuzzy inside like Christmas films should do. I don’t want to see this again.

It did get me thinking about what makes a good Christmas film though. For me a good Christmas film has to involve a particularly cheesy storyline that is easy to follow along to and is set around characters during the festive period. And although I like cheesy films I still want them to be emotive and not too over the top. I don’t really like them to be set on ‘Father Christmas’ but just on normal characters around the holiday season. My absolute favourites are the likes of Love Actually and The Holiday.

What makes a good Christmas movie for you?


I wasn’t kidding when I said that yesterday’s class kicked my butt. My muscles ache so much today! I therefore could not face going to the gym one bit this morning. Maybe a nice swim would have eased my tight muscles but I just wasn’t feeling it.. I think a day off will prove beneficial Smile


I had no plan for my day apart from a hair appointment in the afternoon so my morning was free for whatever. Mum had some work and I tagged along to keep her company


and for the pretty journey.


It was lovely to see some sunshine, even if the temperature is chilly! Not very often do you have the chance to get the sunglasses out in December. But I don’t think that these bright conditions are sticking around for much longer, the forecast today said that the conditions are going to turn considerably worse throughout the week with severe weather warnings! Please no snow!


It was my turn to sit in the chair today and get my hair done. I had my highlights topped up for the festive season.


My dad trimmed a few inches off the bottom of my hair and it already feels so much healthier! Feeling good after a cut and colour, just wish my spots would go away!


I came out of the hairdressers to this lovely lit up high-street – Doesn’t it look pretty?

I’m hoping an hour on the mat in Pilates tomorrow morning will loosen up my achy muscles!


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