Mix And Match

AKA the class that kicked my butt this morning! I am such a donut sometimes, seriously I’ve been going to my gym for what, 3 months now and I only noticed this class yesterday. As I have an off peak membership I can only take daytime classes and I clearly didn’t pay any attention to Monday mornings on the timetable.

Well, what a start to the week this class was! I wasn’t too sure what to expect from Mix And Match, I only imagined it was sort of going to be a bit of everything. And everything it was: we did squats, lunges, curtsy lunges, scissors, worked our abs, oblique’s, glutes, arms, shoulders and what felt like much more! The instructor was brilliant, she was really welcoming to mum and I “the newbies” but also generally engaged with the whole class the entire time. She was so energetic and motivating, guiding the class through all the workouts and telling us what muscles we were working and so on.


It was awesome, I loved this class. Obviously I came home craving coffee!


After a much needed caffeine boost and bit of lunch we were back out again, as mum had some jobs to do locally to which I joined her for a few hours. By the time we were back it was time for Gary to pick us up as we were all going to my Dad’s hairdressers.


Gary was going for his Christmas hair cut. We went along for the ride we went along because we were all going on to Bluewater shopping afterwards. Of course, I was looking forward to a good Christmas shop, as I still need to get plenty of bits, but it was completely one of those anticlimactic ones! Sad smile Everywhere was busy and I couldn’t get anything I was after! Boo! Thankfully there’s still some time left?


We came home on this rainy old evening and enjoyed a big bowl of Mum’s homemade minestrone soup – so delicious. And what better to do on a rainy December eve than to finish the day by watching a festive film?


How was your Monday?


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