Lazy And Low Key

It was sort of one of those lazy, low key weekends. But the last few weekends have been rather busy so it was nice to keep it low key this week.


The weather has been really pants which is basically the reason behind our quiet weekend. We had planned on going to the allotment this morning but its been drizzling all day long so we didn’t get the chance, but we can’t help what the weather does. I’m sad that we didn’t get to make any progress this week! Never mind, we have plenty of time ahead of us.


A weekend restricted at home has meant a few things:
– My uni essay is 90% finished now, just a few touches left here and there.
– The house is looking clean, tidy and ship-shape.
– I got to spend the last two days wearing festive socks.



We have ventured out into the cold a little, mainly to go to the gym. Mum and I went to an aqua class yesterday and Zumba today, which were both totally fun! And last night I was lucky enough to be treated to a delicious curry round my Grandma’s and spend the evening in their company which was much nicer than being by myself all evening (Mum and Dad were out with their friends and Gary had his work’s Christmas party.) Then I had another delicious dinner tonight – Sunday roast, followed by the X-Factor final. Its been a television weekend for sure.


Who voted Little Mix? I did! I’ve liked them the entire competition and thought they totally deserved to win tonight. I’m really happy for them, hopefully they will have plenty more success in the future. Open-mouthed smile

And there you have it, another weekend over just like that! Ready to go for another week? x


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