Feeling Festive

Yesterday afternoon before I went to work, I managed to drag everyone out our warm house and into the bitter cold to go to The Dickens Christmas Market. Do not be deceived by sunshine and blue skies in December – it is chilly! However the market is definitely worth braving the cold for! So cute!


It was on for the first time last year (I think) and me and Gary went round it together, and it felt like it was missing something? It was just so-so. And even though the market is held in exactly the same place as it was last December, in the castle grounds, it was like it had a mini transformation!


Picture outside the castle where I was currently adjusting to the chilling temperature. Cold + squinting = bad look. But I thought I’d keep the picture as the red headband is pretty festive don’t you think? Smile


My dad didn’t stop and look round with us as he wanted to go and see my Nan, so it was just me and Mum. We did bump into my other Grandma and Pops, who went along because they knew we were going which was nice.


As soon as we entered the market I could tell right away that there was something different about it this year – there was an atmosphere! I thought that it would be fairly busy but I was surprised by the amount of people that were actually there! Crowds of people were dispersed here and there, browsing stalls, buying foods or going on the rides.


Another thing that seemed different were the decorations, the thing that stood out to me were the garlands which I’m confident that they didn’t have up last year? I’m sure I would have remembered these pretty decorations that made the place look so festive!


The sight of the tree, garlands and lots of happy children along with classic Christmas songs playing in the background oozed holiday spirit!


The stalls were all fun and quirky, selling a range of different things from decorations to food and drink.




We got a few little bits and bobs.




I was pleasantly surprised with the market and glad that I made the effort to go and check it out again this year. Smile


I Red heart Christmas time!


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