You Look Like A Complete Fool


I am referring to myself when I say this. I realised that our new hobby would be a cold and mucky one, but I had no idea it would involve lowering myself to this. This is not a good look. Surprised smile


(…At least I’m not the only one….)


But still, it doesn’t make me feel any better about this. So I got to thinking that I need a little something that says ‘cute’ not ‘crap.’  At the moment I’m in my granddad’s hand-me-down sweater which is massive on me, but its the only coat I own that I’m willing to take down to the allotment and get grubby.


Some Ideas:2011-12-05_1903(Link)






Its a start anyway! I probably wont sort it out until after Christmas as presents and other essentials are more of a priority at the moment. However not looking like a numpty is high on my list of things I need to sort out.




So, how are we getting on at the allotment then?

Well yesterday was the beginning of Week Four and also a turning point in terms of our progress.


It was a miserable day, it tried to rain a few times so everything looked a little gloomy and the temperature was freezing! The rain then made everywhere very muddy. Luck just didn’t seem to be on our side. On saying that though, it felt like a hectic afternoon up there because there were loads of us. There was six of us in total: my grandparents were there along with my aunt’s partner Craig, (who shares the other half of our plot) and my dad also got round to coming today. Lots going on!


My granddad bought a rotavator on Saturday which he was very eager to get up and running because it helps reduce the amount of digging we need to do to remove all the flint. But even that took ages to get running! It didn’t look like it was going to work at first. But then he got it working with the help of Craig.

We got the moment on video so obviously we had to make a silly joke out of it:

I swear that I belong to a crazy family  ? Winking smile This is my excuse…



Other things aside from the rotavator included,  adding some wood chippings to the ground by our compost bin,


planting some bulbs in pots for some colour in Spring,


and drinking coffee under the car boot in an attempt to stay warm and dry.



The end result of the rotavator looked like this:


And the end result of my wellies looked like this:


I think that means we had a productive day yesterday?


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