A Red Christmas

Forget ‘I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas’  this year its all about a red Christmas!



The trees outside are bereft of leaves, the sky has that misty blue tinge in it, temperatures are getting colder, the nights are drawing in, yes it really is that time again – its Christmas !


And I’m not wasting any time getting into the festive spirit this year. Our decorations went up yesterday! Putting the decorations up can be a bit of a job when over the years you’ve collected so much stuff. The living room was occupied with boxes and bags full of seasonal goodies all day. 


Searching through all the decorations certainly brings back some happy childhood memories. Certain things give me that warm nostalgic feeling from when I was little and Christmas was like the most exciting thing in the world to me.


All of those familiar objects that you see year after year, like the stockings hanging in the window,


old and embarrassing handmade cards,


figures of Father Christmas,


they somehow all have a way of taking you back don’t they? I find this time of year so comforting.


But its not all about the old – when we went to London last weekend we were inspired by the red theme, which is obviously the colour to have this year because it was everywhere we went! However we only got new decorations last Christmas, and they were a mix and match of gold and red.


Although the sets we got last year had over 100 gold and red baubles, there wasn’t enough red to decorate a whole tree with.


So Mum and I headed down to Tesco in search of some red baubles. We were in luck! Open-mouthed smile We bagged the last two packets of red baubles, obviously we’re not the only ones keen on having a red Christmas this year.


Mum wrapped the lights round the tree with me and then left me to get on with decorating it by myself while she cooked our dinner. Over an hour later I was finished, and the final result of our all red theme?


A very festive looking tree I would say!

Have you started getting ready for Christmas yet?


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