Pub And Presents

Last night for Gary’s birthday the two of us went to the pub for a meal, where we participated in two of my favourite pastimes: opening presents and eating.


Well I tell a lie, I didn’t participate in the opening of any presents as Gary was the one doing that last night. But I love giving presents and watching him opening them so it was all fun.


My secret disguise worked and it went perfectly! Gary didn’t have any suspicions that I got him the watch! Open-mouthed smile 


I think he was pretty chuffed and slightly surprised about his present Smile


Posing with his massive burger and new watch!


I hope you like it Smile 


So onto dinner, which was lovely of course! I ordered a tagliatelle carbonara pasta dish. It was a big meal with plenty of filling: mushrooms and bacon! Love mushrooms! It was also cheesy but not overwhelmingly so it had a good mix of flavours. I’d definitely have this again.


Neither of us were particularly fussed over dessert so we skipped this course and just ordered another drink each.  We stayed a little while longer, finishing our drinks before heading back to Gary’s house to see his parents.

Going to Gary’s is a rarity in our relationship, and before last night I hadn’t seen his parents in over 3 months! Of course I feel quite bad that we don’t spend time there but we have our reasons for doing so. But we have agreed that we will make more effort to spend time at his together in the future.

How was the first Friday of the month for you? x


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