This Is How I Roll

This is how I roll wrap.

Take one stubborn boyfriend.

And an equally stubborn girlfriend.

And you’ve got a potential recipe for birthday present disaster.




The Watch Story.

About a month ago, Gary and I went to Bluewater where the main objective of the shop was to buy Gary a birthday present. Now a few months prior to this we saw a very nice orange watch in the Fossil shop, however it was way too early to start thinking about birthday ideas at this point. We walked away, thinking that that was the end of that. But we actually both ended up regretting leaving the watch as it completely sold out after that.

I think Gary had his little heart set on that orange watch. So for ages I was on the lookout for this orange watch. But it wasn’t anywhere.

When we went back last month, Fossil had all their new stock in and there was another really nice watch that Gary tried on. It wasn’t orange, but it had a black strap with a black and orange face. But this watch had the facility to put different straps on, meaning you could buy an orange strap and wear this with it!


Brilliant, I’m thinking. The watch was gorgeous and in my opinion even nicer than the original one we saw. But for some reason Gary didn’t jump at the opportunity of the gorgeous new watch I was more than happy to buy for him.

He stubbornly denied himself the watch and we walked out the shop, where I was stunned into an angry silence. I couldn’t believe that he was prepared to miss another opportunity by not getting it! I was not impressed to say the least.


For that whole weekend, all that was at the back of my head was this blasted watch! I kept on thinking, why didn’t we just buy it?

So two days later I secretly went back and bought the watch, and the orange strap.


Ever since I brushed the subject of the watch off and pretended that I didn’t know what I was getting Gary anymore. I wanted to plant the idea of aftershave into his head by asking what his favourites have been.

And to further tease him I did this:


Wrapping it in a box of disguise Winking smile


Its just how I roll!


All you need to be a cruel girlfriend this Christmas is an empty box to disguise a gift in, and a convincing cover story…

Hopefully this ought to show the boyfriend not to mess with me again! I won’t hold my breath though…


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