He Isn’t A Teenager Anymore

Happy Birthday to the very special man in my life, who’s 20 today! Smile I don’t suppose that a number is going to be enough to make him act grown up though! He is still the same 16 year old boy I met at school three years ago, who loves nothing more than a bit of banter, laughs at his own jokes, constantly finds farting a source of amusement and goes all soft at the sight of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


But that’s the reason I love him Open-mouthed smile


Gary's snowy 19th (37)-1

This time last year there was snow on the ground! I’m very happy that there won’t be a repeat of that today, or hopefully any chance soon! (Hate snow.)


And the year before that we went Christmas shopping in London. We had some pictures in Trafalgar Square and Gary still laughs whenever he sees this picture of us. Is there something funny about my face? Smile with tongue out


It turns out Gary has to be at uni all day today because he’s got some exams coming up next week, which I think have been playing on his mind recently. Usually its me worrying about exams! I know he’ll be fine – he deserves to do so well with all the work and effort he puts into it Smile

We’re going out for a meal this evening in Gary’s name and I’m really looking forward to it. Can’t wait to celebrate with him, I feel as though we totally deserve an evening out to enjoy ourselves!


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