Mid-Week Madness

Recently Wednesday mornings have been nice and relaxing, where my day starts with an early morning Pilates Class. Wednesday morning looked like this for me yesterday:


Not the relaxed Wednesday morning I had envisioned. Yes that is a mattress in the middle of my tidy bedroom. And a bedside table. Thinking smile


New cars weren’t the only thing we were expecting yesterday, my Mum and Dad were also getting a new carpet fitted in their bedroom so literally all the furniture from their room was evicted into the surrounding bedrooms upstairs. It was pretty manic.

I tried my very best to stay out of the way before Mum and I headed off to the gym.


We drove our cars for the last time yesterday which felt very strange. It was sad to see my little car empty from all my possessions – but as soon as I sat in the Fiesta I was excited more than anything else. The car has that lovely new car smell to it, even though its about 16 months old.


It felt totally different to drive for the first time – the engine is a lot more powerful and seems very nippy. Happy days!


I changed into second gear and as I lifted the clutch up the car seemed to whizz forward, I’m not used to that sort of response from my car! I think its going to take a little while for me to get used to but its definitely a good kind of change.



I made a few trips out yesterday as I needed some fuel (£20 gets me half a tank? Not too bad I guess) and I went in a Christmas shop which got me feeling very Christmassy again. Can not wait to put the decorations up this weekend! I also saw my grandparents in the evening as the men were watching the boring old football.

Work is on  the agenda this evening, but I have a three day weekend commencing from tomorrow, which happens to be my man’s birthday! Looking forward to that.


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