Things I’m Loving: November

I’m a bit behind on the post this month, but here it is anyway, all the things I’ve enjoyed in November. Considering its been a shitty month there have been some good things keeping my sanity!

iPhone 4

I got an iPhone this month and I am so pleased I decided to go back to Apple. I had the first iPhone when they came out and although I liked it I was happy to change it once that contract finished. 18 months later I was craving the iPhone again – and I’m not going back! I’m chuffed with the appearance, the aps, the camera and definitely my Cath Kidston case.


The Allotment.

We started our absurd but totally addictive new hobby this month which is up at the allotment. I’m surprised at how much I like it because generally speaking I’ve hated the idea of gardening my whole life. But actually having this is like having a project that we’re working on and watching develop – which turns out to be quite satisfying. Its also nice to just be out in the fresh air (yeah remind me that I said this in a few weeks time when it will probably be absolutely freezing up there..) I can’t wait to start planting!


Winter Woollies.

Keeping my hands, head, ears and neck toasty, I definitely have a lot of love for all my winter goodies this month. I admit, I’m not very good at keeping hats and gloves as I end up losing them easily, so this year I headed straight to Primark and bought the cheapest gloves on earth: 2 pairs for a £1 – literally where can I go wrong there? Plus I think the colours are pretty safe too as they go with loads of outfits. I really like the knitted headbands because they’re practical yet very cute.


Black Nail Polish.

I’ve always thought that black nail polish was really smart and makes a statement, but my Mum put me off wearing it because she doesn’t really like it. When I was younger she used to paint my nails and she was always reluctant when I requested black, so I sort of never wore it. I’ve been painting my own nails for absolutely years now, but I never got into the habit of wearing black. Sounds a bit odd but I had a really strong urge to paint my nails this colour for my Granddad’s funeral, and now I’m hooked on wearing it.



The gym introduced a new Zumba class on a Sunday morning which I will hopefully be able to fit in to my busy schedule. Obviously as I have an off peak membership most of the Zumba classes are off limits to me so I haven’t been able to get on the Zumba bandwagon really. But if all goes well hopefully this class will be the one to get the ball rolling. The new instructor was miles better than the old one I had once or twice before. The lady this time was fun, friendly and very motivating. I really enjoyed it and hope to go on a regular basis.


Strictly Come Dancing.

Move over XFactor! Strictly has always been my favourite show at this time of the year. It tends to take me a while to get into it but once I do I love it! I think that all of the professional dancers are stunning, especially the women who all have figures to die for! There’s just something so memorising about all the elegant dances, beautiful costumes and glamorous makeup!


The Build Up To Christmas.

I love this time of year! I love the build up, I love the decorations, I love the music, I love the morale it creates, I love all the shopping involved, I love wrapping presents, I love the food, I love the holiday movies, and I especially love time off spent with my favourites!


I’m considering dedicating December’s Things I’m Loving post purely on Christmas themed things! Keep watching!

What has stood out for you this month? x

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