From One Ford To Another

I have some exciting news! After saving hard all year long I decided that I wanted to get a new car. I’ve been thinking about changing my car for a little while now but the other day I went down to our local Ford dealer and I knew it was time to actually do it! I really love my KA, it was the best first car I could have asked for – easy to drive and park, economical and such a fun colour!


But even when I first got my car in 2009, I knew that I wouldn’t keep it forever. I grew up with my mum and dad changing their cars every couple of years so I’m well used to swapping vehicles about. We’re lucky enough to be in a position to do that, and I guess I’m already following in their footsteps!


I think that I’m done with the pink car business for now. It was fun while it lasted but I’m looking for something completely different this time. I think if people see what I’m going to be driving in the next few days they may think that I’ve changed genders – I’m picking up a blue Fiesta on Wednesday morning Open-mouthed smile 


I am so excited to get a Fiesta Wednesday! When I bought my KA I was still learning how to drive so I didn’t quite get to enjoy the moment of driving away with a new car. But Wednesday morning I will be able to do this Open-mouthed smile 

I will miss my KA in a funny way as it has some lovely touches to it, and after all it was my first ever car! We had a special bond – but our time has come now. I’m ready for a Fiesta!


Today I’ve been clearing out all of my possessions in my car ready to move them into the Fiesta. God I didn’t realise how much stuff you accumulate in your car over the years! My boot is full of junk.


At least I’m organised enough to put all my junk into one basket, but I still have so much crap in there! Its like I can justify putting rubbish in there because its in a neat little corner? Note to self: don’t put so much junk in the Fiesta (not going to happen)


And the KA isn’t the only car we’re saying farewell to this week – my Mum and Dad are picking up a new car on Wednesday too! They are trading in their red Fiesta for a Focus in bright orange, it is so beautiful! We are very lucky to be getting two new cars in one week!

Roll on Wednesday!


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