A Busy Weekend Before A Busy Week

I love weekends off! Weekends in our households are either pretty laid back or incredibly hectic. This one was a hectic one! From the minute I got up yesterday morning its been go, go, go! I’m in a really good mood after such a fabulously lively weekend. And I’m pretty sure my mood will hang around because I’ve got another busy week ahead of me!



Yesterday morning, Mum and I went to an aqua aerobics class at the gym. We’ve been to one similar before, however the one yesterday was taken by another instructor and so was totally different. We both found yesterdays class a lot more challenging as the instructor incorporated weights and floats. It was a fun workout so we put our names down for next weeks class! We quickly came home for some lunch and then it was straight back out to the allotment.


Before we went to the allotment we made a quick decision to head to the garden centre as my Mum wanted some bulbs, we also got this seat which can be used either to sit on or turned upside down to kneel on. It was half price reduced to £15 from £30! Quite a bargain. Bonus points for it being pink too Winking smile


So yesterday once we got to the allotment it was back to more digging. Our goal was to build another trench at the edge of the plot to create a nice path around the edge (see arrows)

Eventually we want to fill the trench with stones so that it looks like this:


This is the path around my grandparent’s plot.


We were up at the allotment for a good few hours busying ourselves away and we finished the path along the edge but it still needs filling with flint eventually. I’m really enjoying our new hobby – its hard work but really satisfying Smile


Our evening was slightly more chilled out, we enjoyed a delicious curry and then watched Bridesmaids. I enjoyed the film but I was expecting it to be funnier? Everyone that told me to watch it made it out to be hilarious, and yes it was funny but I wasn’t in stitches over it.



We’ve been meaning to go to London for a while now, but there hasn’t really been a right time to take a day trip up there. But today we finally made the effort to go, and it was totally worth it – we had a lovely day just the three of us.


We got the train to Charing Cross and then walked along to Covent Garden. We were really lucky with the weather because the morning started off really rainy and grey so we were a bit worried that it was going to spoil our day. But luckily as the morning went on the rain completely cleared up we were blessed with sunshine and beautiful blue skies! Smile


As we approached the square in Covent garden we were greeted by a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with red baubles. Suddenly I got that warm fuzzy feeling that means only one thing: Christmas is coming! I instantly felt festive and cheerful. Cue: holiday music!


Mum and Dad in front of the tree Smile


Then inside the market area there were all these giant baubles hanging from the ceiling – it was so classy. How pretty is the red theme too? My mum now wants to have a red theme going on in our house when we put our decorations up and I couldn’t agree more!


We spent some time browsing round all the little stalls, looking at all the pretty jewellery



Winter goodies,


And interesting foods.


Red is obviously the colour this year for the Christmas decorations.



Afterwards we headed out of the hustle and bustle slightly in the direction of Costa. Along the way we did some window shopping.






I went for something a little bit different today, usually my order is a latte or an iced drink. But I tried a mocha today which was lovely.


My mum ordered off the festive menu, some fancy latte but she wasn’t too impressed with it. Dad played safe with a cappuccino.


Outside Costa there was a Cath Kidston store which Mum and I spent around 20 minutes browsing round. I love everything Cath Kidston Smile Amazingly we only bought one thing, a little Christmas gift.


More browsing.



And more sight seeing.





Such a good weekend, its put me in a great frame of mind for the week ahead which is going to be full of fun shenanigans! x


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