Friday Update

Here we are again at the end of another week, and almost at the end of another month. I can’t believe we’re in the last month of the year next week. That is crazy! Anyway this week has flown by as per usual so here is a quick blogging update Smile

I was initially going to just fly over this week but when I looked at my blog I realised I’ve hardly posted at all this month, so maybe a general update for November would just be best?


November was totally surreal with my Granddad passing away. I kind of just carried on my life as normal: I went to work as normal, I did my university assignment as normal, I went to the gym as normal and so on.. Life moved forward, but my feelings about it seemed to be frozen. There isn’t really a cure for loss.

The funeral was Tuesday and the whole day really comforted me, my Dad did such a brilliant job doing his old man proud. Since the funeral I’ve been feeling a little more myself.


Wednesday morning I woke up feeling stiff and sore, however an hour on the mat in Pilates class was the perfect remedy and I left feeling like a new woman. In the afternoon Mum and I headed to our new hobby, the allotment, for a spot more digging! Here is a quick reminder of how we’ve done so far.


Week One started on Sunday 13th November, where we literally begun from scratch with a plot of land. In the first week we dug a trench horizontally across and then joined it vertically down the far corner of the plot. (See the arrows in below picture.)



Week Two started on 20th November. So Wednesday we were in our second week, however when we arrived we spotted a small problem:


Moles! Sad smile See that mole hill there? Yes, well there were dozens of these scattered across the plot. The whole point of the trenches was to divert any moles! We hope that they will soon realise that there is activity going on on the plot and go elsewhere! So with that in mind, we dug.


We chose a spot for some future planting and started digging the land. Most of it was quite soft but there was still plenty of flints making it hard work! I was pretty cold because I was silly and didn’t wear enough warm clothes, so we didn’t stay too long. However we still got a good bit of digging done!


We finished off at this stage.


Team work!

Yesterday I was a busy bee again: I submitted my first essay, went to the gym, took my Grandma to Primark and then see my cousin afterwards, went back to her house for a cup of tea and then went for a Costa with my friend Fran in the evening. By the way, isn’t it starting to feel festive now? I love it!

Today has been boring as I have work later.  But I have a fun filled weekend off ahead of me! More on that tomorrow x


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