My Favourite Part Of The Morning

When my alarm went off at 7.15 this morning, on my day off, part of my soul felt a little crushed. But yes I did just put the words ‘favourite’ and ‘morning’ into the same sentence. My favourite part of Wednesday mornings is easily: Pilates class. It is so worth getting out of bed early for!


The class always makes me realise how stiff my body is first thing in the morning and the importance of taking some time to gently stretch all the muscles in your body. The entire hour on the mat was time well spent, we spent time stretching while also working the entire body. An exercise that stood out for me in particular this week was the oyster:

The Oyster – Beginner and Level 1

Lie on your side with your knees bent. The feet, hips and shoulders are stacked one above the other. Draw the waist away from the mat a little with a feeling of lengthening through the side of your body. Draw your belly muscles in as if you were wearing tight jeans. This will assist in stabilising your spine. Do not pull the belly in really hard as this will tighten other muscle groups.  As you breathe out, keeping the feet together like a hinge, lift the top knee, then lower as you breathe in. (Source.)

We did this exercise plus a few advanced modifications where we lifted our feet off the ground and opened the knee – and gosh my legs are really feeling it after a few repetitions of this!

The rest of the day has been a busy blur of going here and there doing this and that. I spent a couple of hours of the day at the cinema to watch The Rum Diary. I did an Orange Wednesday Smile

photo (2)

While I enjoyed the film, (I’m biased because I love any film with Johnny Depp in basically) I did get a little bit bored by the end and sort of just wanted it to conclude. I won’t say any more in case I give anything away but lets just say it won’t be my favourite Johnny Depp film. I would still recommend watching it though!


I did see some really good film trailers in the adverts before the movie today, two which particularly stood out: My Week with Marilyn and New Year’s Eve. Firstly, the My Week with Marilyn trailer left me with goosebumps –  seriously think that this film looks amazing! I cannot wait to this! And New Year’s Eve looks appealing to me purely because its jammed full of all the top actors and its set in New York, what more could you want from a movie?!

The rest of the week looks like this: work, work, essay writing, essay writing, work… hmm? Help.


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