We Have A New Hobby

Today was officially the starting point of our weird and wonderful new hobby. The sunshine set our motivation sky high this morning, so we got stuck straight in to work on the allotment with our wellington boots at the ready!




Before I go any further on our busy day today I want to rewind to last night, as it was our friend John’s birthday and we went out for a nice meal together at The Smallholders. There was us three, Gary, my mum’s parents and obviously John. The men watched the second half of the England V Spain match on one of the big screen televisions by the bar while I sat with my mum and grandma keeping a table reserved for our meal.


The food arrived just before the game finished, but I didn’t mind because I was hungry (but when am I not?) I ordered an awesome vegetable lasagne dish, which was thoroughly delicious. I gave a fair amount of my chips to Gary because I wanted to save room for dessert when we got home.


My dad bought a flamboyant looking poppy for Remembrance day which he is modelling in the above picture. It proved a good source of amusement for most of the evening as he was convinced that it got bigger as the night went on, and in effect lead us to spot out for anyone else who had ‘a big one’


I had a play around with the new iPhone’s camera whilst our dinner was settling down.


We didn’t stay out late because my Grandpop loves the dancing on a Saturday evening. We therefore got promptly back to watch Strictly on catch up. It was fun to watch the show with everyone round, and my mum made an apple crumble which we all got to enjoy while viewing it.


I was happy because I finally got the chance to wear my new jacket out last night! Open-mouthed smile My man also looked rather handsome in his Superdry jacket which also made me happy.

The evening finished once our late night coffee sunk and the weariness begun to kick in. It was quite a late evening for us by the time the lights were out and I knew I had a busy day ahead of me today!





From the minute I got up this morning it was all go: we were down at the leisure centre by 9am where we spent some time in the gym followed by a swim, we got back and had time for a quick coffee and I packed some lunch for when we were at the allotment.

But I got hungry so ended up eating it before we even left…

Allotment: Week 1 – Project Dig!


Okay so let’s talk business. Today was Day One and officially the start of our new project down at the allotment, which seemed a bit overwhelming as there looks like a lot to do. However when we drove up to the site and I saw just what a gorgeous November day it was, it didn’t seem nearly so bad.



We met grandma and pops briefly but they couldn’t stay long as they already had other plans for the day, which was a shame but we still managed to get busy under some instructions they guided us with.


It turned out to be just mum and I in the end because dad was visiting nan to see how she was today. Needless to say, but we still managed to get a fair bit done!


Basically we have a lot of flint to contend with so one of the biggest things to start off with on the allotment was digging.


And so today we begun by making a trench across part of the allotment dividing it up in two sections. We did this for a few reasons, one being to divert any possible moles and the other because we are sharing the plot with my aunt’s partner so it separates it slightly.


Above is how the plot looked before we began work on it.


In this picture above, you can see where we have made a little bit of progress digging a trench – which by the way isn’t as easy as it may seem.


We had some planks of wood to guide us as we dug our trench across the width of the plot. Mum and I alternated between digging and shovelling the mud out. After each bit of the trench was dug out we used the heels of our boots to smooth the soil out and then refill the land up with unwanted stones.


Birdseye view of the trench we were digging:


A few hours later we finished digging the trench the whole width of the plot, however we haven’t had time to fill the trench with stones yet but eventually that is the aim, to fill it up with flint.


Standing back and looking at the plot from a distance you can see the work that we did today… Plus how much is still left to do, but that’s all part of the process I suppose!



Overall thoughts:
Its obviously still early days and when you see how much work is ahead of you it is difficult to picture everything once its all done. However as soon as all of the initial setting up is complete and it looks more like an allotment you can probably relax more. It feels quite hands on at the moment but that is definitely part of the fun and appeal to having an allotment. I’m really looking forward to the actual planting and growing process, but for now I will enjoy watching the land fall into place and turn into our own little piece!


When I came home I spent the rest of the afternoon sweeping all the leaves in our back and front garden so it felt like I was on my feet all day long. I’ve spent the evening trying to reclaim some of my energy by tuning in to the Sunday night results shows, but it obviously didn’t work because I feel pooped now!

Boy I’m going to sleep well tonight!


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