Towards the end, everything that was worth living for was taken away from you. But you’re no longer trapped in a body that is rigid and still. Your silence is broken. You’ve finally been set free.

3.Mereworth Walk 18.02.04 010-1

Free to wander the woods


Free to marvel over your interests.

5.Camer Park 012-1

Free to walk in the great outdoors.

Holiday Gran Canaria 036-1

Free to be a family man.

Granddad Bill's

Free to be a friend.


Free to potter in the greenhouse for hours. Bills birthday trip to Whitstable 001-1

Free to be at the seaside. My birthday weekend at Whitstable 003-1

Free to ponder over the paper.

Holiday Gran Canaria 065-1

Free to laugh and be silly.


Free to relax in the summer house.

Holiday Gran Canaria 044-1

Free to drink and eat to your hearts content.


I don’t know if heaven exists. But if it does, I’m pretty sure that your heaven would look something like this.

Granddad may you rest in peace.

29th September 1932 – 5th November 2011.


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