A Jammy Morsel

Welcome to my jam cupboard.


What do I fancy today?


Hmmmm. Too many options. Who me?

I needed something to cure my Monday morning blues for breakfast this morning. Generally Monday started off on a pleasant note: I was out of bed by half 7 this morning and down to the pool less than an hour later with my Mum. We had a glorious swim with the pool all to ourselves the entire time. It was blissful.

But, I’m going to visit my Granddad in hospital later on so I’ve got a bit on my mind. I know that my Dad has been quite upset the last couple of times he has seen him. So I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about going. I don’t want to go, but I know how much I’ll regret it if I don’t go.

I don’t know what I’m going to say to him. I need to keep it together.


So with that, I thought that some blackcurrant jam would help lift my mood slightly.



I came back from swimming and immediately made myself two crumpets with blackcurrant jam, a banana on the side and a coffee to drink.


This breakfast totally hit the spot. The blackcurrant jam tasted bittersweet (like my mood today) and the crumpet was soft and springy.

Now, time to face Monday!


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