What Half Term Looks Like For Me

Its always the same every time there is a half term or holiday. Gone are the days where I used to consider half term an innocent, carefree time to play or relax. For at least the last three years half term boils down to some serious work. My hours at work always increase and my other responsibilities also seem to start piling up.


Of course, this half term has been no different.

It feels as though I’ve hardly had a minute to slow down and catch up on my thoughts this week!

Okay so here’s a little break down of what’s been going on in my life this half term:

– I had to pick up an extra shift at work which pushed my hours up to 29 as apposed to my usual 21 hours. Although I don’t mind, the added hours really take it out of me sometimes. I had to work a late shift Sunday (3-11) and then come straight back in on Monday to work an early (7-3) so I was pooped by the end of that. I suppose sometimes you just have to think of it as money and I cant say no to earning a bit extra with December on the horizon…

– Tuesday was my day off but I felt really irritable and on edge for the majority of it – not how you want to feel: I knew I had an important phone call to make to my uni which I had been putting off for too long. I’ve been going through a very slow and long winded process of a credit transfer. This is to try and get me some recognition for the year I studied and passed at Canterbury. I finally got news that I was exempt from some level 1 modules which was great. But then I had to organise getting a place on level 2 which has already begun.To cut a long and boring story short – I’ve got my request for a level 2 module accepted and I just need to arrange some final details. Hallelujah!


– In between stressing out over making my phone call I tried to have a nice relaxing lunch with the father and boyfriend. They ordered chips and egg  [cheesy chips for dad] while I ordered a prawn sandwich with a side of mini-cheddars. The sandwich was okay: nothing special but I appreciated the outing as it was nice to distract me for an hour or so Smile


– Not a great start to the week in terms of exercise, even though I was really enthusiastic and keen about it: I had an achievable plan ready but then work just sabotaged my motivation. Thinking smile It feels like all my energy gets sucked up into work and I can’t get myself down to the gym after I finish – all I want to do after work is come home and drink tea. Two days off work today and tomorrow have corrected this and put my motivation right back on track now though!

– Other little bits from the week: I decided I want to upgrade to an iPhone! No more Blackberry for me. I got a few more long sleeved winter tops from Primark…we also booked tickets to see Strictly Come Dancing’s Vincent and Flavia at the Marlowe Theatre for my Grandma’s 70th Birthday next year which will be nice.




My half term felt sort of hectic in a boring and unexciting way. And in the mean time, on top of all the other crazy responsibilities in my life, I have not been able to stop thinking about my poor old Granddad. He has been floating at the back of my mind all week long. He is still in hospital and the nurses have said that he is near the end of his life now.

Even though he is an old man I still can’t help getting that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach. He has become a living ghost. The person we knew has gone and won’t ever come back. What is left of our Billy Boy is a frail old man who waits for death. And right now we are waiting with him. It is sad on so many levels.




This post feels like a little bit of a shambles, with my camera charger failing me at the start of the week pictures are quite limited. I feel like I have a lot on my mind. I’m trying to keep things light hearted and positive. I’ll let you know how that goes…. Winking smile

Picture of the week:


What are your weekend/Halloween plans? Have a good one! x


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