Things I’m Loving: October

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post all week because October turned out to be a really good month! This is the second post in the new monthly feature (you can see September’s post here.)

Here are a handful of things that stood out to me in particular this month.

Passing The Three Year Landmark.

I had my three year anniversary with Gary this month, which was very special to us. I really love anniversaries because they are a great way for a couple to celebrate their relationship, reminisce good times and mark the occasion in the best company! Nothing spells out ‘love’ quite like a special anniversary, and I can’t get enough of the notion that we are strong and happy together – something an anniversary always enforces.



It doesn’t get anymore seasonal than a pumpkin. Our living room is currently graced with a battery powered glowing pumpkin for Halloween, and our kitchen is graced with the real things for some cooking experiments! Who knew pumpkins tasted so good? My mum cooked up some mean pumpkin soup, we also included some pumpkin in a minestrone soup and believe it or not I ate some of it raw and it tasted pretty nice! I’m a strange one sometimes.


Strawberry Jam.

In my house there has only ever been one jar of jam, and that is raspberry jam. Although I love raspberry jam (its the only jam I’ve ever really had) lately I’ve had cravings for strawberry jam. My mum can’t eat strawberries so she never bought it but I finally managed to persuade her to let me buy myself a jar, on the condition that it doesn’t go to waste. Well, Mum I can confirm that this jam will not be wasted. Strawberry jam is so tasty! I’m loving it on toast, muffins and crumpets!


Refrigerated water.

In an attempt to drink more I have been keeping some water to cool in the fridge recently. There is nothing worse than drinking warm water. But since I have been keeping a bottle chilled in the fridge I have been drinking it more. I’ve also been trying to cut out diet coke and I’m having fruit and barley as a replacement instead which is really refreshing made with cold water.


Cups Of Tea.

Keeping on the topic of drinks, I have been addicted to tea lately. I always go through phases with tea: there will be a few months where I’m not fussed about it but then other times I’m the complete opposite and I can not get enough tea in my life! Well, at the moment I’m at the ‘can’t get enough’ stage. And if last winter is anything to go by, I’ve got a long and comforting relationship reforming with this delightful beverage.


Nelson’s Pure and Clear.

A few weeks ago while I was shopping in Boots an assistant randomly handed me a free sample of some facial wash with a £1 off voucher. Now I’m not usually a huge sample trying type of person, but  my skin is prone to break outs and I have been after a cleanser for a while, so I gave it a go. I was pleasantly surprised by Nelson’s Pure and Clear facial wash, so much so that I used my £1 off voucher to get myself a whole tube of the stuff. I’m impressed– my skin always feels so clean and fresh after I use it! I would definitely recommend this product!



If you asked me what my can’t-live-without makeup was about 3 months ago, I would have answered ‘mascara’ in a heartbeat. This is still more or less true – the one item of makeup I rely upon mostly is mascara (because I don’t like my light eyelashes) however I have very recently started wearing blush and its already in hard competition with mascara! I can’t believe I haven’t worn it before, it looks so pretty and gives my face a natural finish. I have two blush compacts from Dior that I am addicted to. The first tone I got was a peachy shade (it goes well with red lips) and a little while ago I got this pinky combo which is so girly and pretty! I also love how you can combine the two shades together or just wear one shade depending on what you feel.


What are you loving this month?


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