More Technological Blips

I think the technology Gods are looking down and punishing me recently, as my camera charger broke over the weekend! Only two minutes ago I had my laptop charger give up on me and now my camera charger too! I have to admit that I feel quite bereft being unable to use my camera. Its funny that whenever technological blips occur you really realise how thoroughly we depend on these objects from day to day. Okay, I don’t need my camera but I certainly want it.

Without my camera I feel like I’m fumbling around in the dark to create a post. Pictures give me so much inspiration and help me be imaginative on my blog. Plus I love capturing shots and seeing them turn into a post. Pictures also help keep my blog fluent and like a virtual diary.

So I’m going to try and blog with some left over pictures on my memory stick that I managed to snap over the weekend. I don’t have much to work with here though Winking smile

Now you can tell that someone has had a quiet, uneventful weekend when the most exciting thing you find on their memory stick is a picture of lunch. Although, don’t be deceived this lunch was very exciting – strawberry muffins!


I bought some strawberry jam when I went food shopping with my dad last week. My mum religiously buys raspberry jam as she’s allergic to strawberries, so strawberry jam has been like a rare treat for me – its delicious.


I enjoyed two muffins with strawberry jam with an apple and packet of crisps on the side. To drink, I sipped on a coffee.


Ok so yeah I’m struggling to blog without my camera, but I thought that I would keep it updated and post some pretty pictures of my lunch Winking smile 

I’ve already ordered a new charger so hopefully it will be here in a few days.


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