Slow Start To The Morning

This week has whizzed by, so I was happy when I woke up today and realised that its Friday! I think that I was a little bit too happy about Friday as I’ve been in relax mode ever since. Now is the time to add that its been a highly unproductive relax mode too. I’ve had a very slow start to Friday Thinking smile … Ah well I think that I really needed to catch up on some rest after two busy days at work, followed with swimming and then an evening out last night.


Gary and I went out into town for a drink yesterday, which was nice!


It was just the two of us and it was lovely to be together. Yet funnily enough the only reason we decided to go out last night was because my parents were seeing a live band next to the bar we went to so we were going to go out together, but unfortunately my mum felt poorly last night and they didn’t go in the end!



We still enjoyed ourselves though!


We had a couple of diet cokes each, chatted away, laughed at some cringe-worthy karaoke and then called it a night . We couldn’t get parked in the usual spot so we had to park up further away, but because it was so cold last night and my shoes weren’t practical I got Gary to drive the car round and pick me up Open-mouthed smile


This gave me an opportunity for a picture while I waited for him to get the car Winking smile



I had to snap a picture of the boys in their semi-matching shirts Winking smile


And maybe as payback Gary snapped a picture of me admiring my new shoes, whoops! What can I say? Winking smile

What I’m Wearing.



I’m wearing a blazer by A Wear, which I’ve already mentioned quite a bit on here


With a H&M t-shirt underneath.


I’m also wearing a belted skirt from River Island. I really like this skirt because it feels very feminine and its not like most skirts that cling horribly to your bum.


I was also more than happy to debut my new Carvela heels last night, they were beautiful and I felt so tall Open-mouthed smile I’m such a shorty so I rarely get to say that ‘I feel tall’


I tried to be a bit fun and experimental with my nails last night. (Please excuse how short they are, I had to file them all as they’ve been ruined from work this week.) I was aiming for a spotty/ animal print look, but in the end I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not…

Jewellery was a wonderful mix of all my favourite bits.


Round faced Fossil watch.


Pandora bracelet.


Vivienne Westwood earrings.


And lastly a ring I got from an independent jewellers in Rochester high street.

Not a lot going on for me this weekend so I imagine it will be a pretty quiet one, catching up with some television and keeping snug with lots of cups of teas. What are you doing this weekend?


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