Say Hello To Carvela


Considering how much I adore shoes, before yesterday I had never been in Kurt Geiger. Its always been one of those shops that I would admire from afar but not actually look inside. Until yesterday that is.

It was like shoe heaven in there. I don’t think that I saw one bad pair of shoes. And the boots! Oh my gosh, the boots! So many lovely boots for sale. I’m definitely after some nice boots this season. Why has it taken me so long to look inside this gorgeous shop?

As I drooled over countless pairs of shoes, I stumbled across these:


I loved everything from the colour, to the style, to the way they felt, to how they looked on my feet. I’ve already written about my love for shoes, how shoes make me feel and the pride I feel from being able to buy myself nice shoes. Well, I did it again in Kurt Geiger and it felt fabulous!


Yesterday was a simply brilliant shop. I didn’t actually go in search for more shoes (they just happened to find me…) but instead I was looking for a pair of corduroys..


I was successful in my search Open-mouthed smile love the new Levis! What do you think?

Other successful purchases from the day:


An adorable pug purse! When I saw it, I knew that I definitely didn’t need another purse, but I knew that I wanted this. Instead of using this for money I’ve found a different use for it – a period purse – home to a small stash of tampons Winking smile hehe. Happy pug faces = a happier period? Well, we’ll see about that one.


A top from Topshop – I think that this colour is beautiful.


I wasn’t completely successful as I tried on plenty of bits that I didn’t actually like – like these cardigans from Topshop.

However I was more than happy with the bits that I did buy yesterday Smile


And of course, no shop is complete without a coffee stop at costa. Yesterday’s order was a small iced vanilla latte. Scrummy!

Today I was up at half past 5 this morning for work. Need to catch some sleep now. x


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