Time To Learn

I’m a little bit behind on my ‘Back-To-School’ post, but there is a good reason for this. The main reason being that I’m doing things differently this time. Rather differently I would say.

Uni Update:
I’m at the Open University, studying for an English degree. My subject hasn’t changed, I’ve always been an English student, but my platform of study is so different now. I’ve already done one year towards an English degree at a different uni and I’m still in the process of trying to get some credit for that towards what I’m doing now.
But while I wait I’ve decided to just crack on with the work I’ve been sent. If I have to repeat year one so be it.


About a month ago I received a parcel that was complete with all my text books, assignment booklets and also educational DVD’s. I love how organised the Open Uni is already. And then all I have to do is log online, where I can find a virtual study planner with everything mapped out week to week for me to follow. This week is focused on the representation of Cleopatra throughout history in different forms of art, literature and more recently cinema.


Welcome to my office! AKA the dining room, where we have my laptop, reading material, pens and paper and most importantly coffee.


I love the fact that I’m in the comfort of my own home. I’m totally at peace here. (Most of the time anyway Winking smile) and I know that I can organise myself to get motivated to work! My mum’s in the process of renovating an old piece of furniture where I can store away all of my studies neatly which will be really good! I’ll be sure to post a picture on here.

Another reason why I think I’ll like working from home is because I have the freedom to arrange my day however I like. So today looked pretty much like this: get up, gym, come home, eat lunch, study, pop out to the shops, come home and study some more. Obviously I managed to fit some blogging in there too…

Learning is dull, but hey its got to be done!


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