Well, yes actually I am.


I cancelled my Saturday morning spin class to sit at home with Lulu on my lap. Well that’s a lie  the main reason I cancelled my class was because I still have my cold hanging around and I thought it would be selfish to go and perhaps pass it on to anyone: the spin studio can be pretty crowded.  I’m planning on going to the gym later this afternoon though to find a solitary treadmill or cross trainer to workout on without infecting anyone else Winking smile 


Its a gorgeous day out there today. I really love days like today where the sun is out but there’s a slight chill in the air. Its just another excuse to cosy up!


Or in my case, its another excuse to go outside and get busy. A couple of weeks ago I raked some leaves in the back garden, well today I spent a good hour sweeping the front and the back garden to make it look tidy.


Until our garden bin was totally full up.


Job well done!


I rewarded myself with coffee and lunch. Lunch in the form of muffins Open-mouthed smile


Today I had raspberry jam on two toasted muffins. Yum, yum.

I haven’t had a chance to see Gary all week because our hours at work have clashed and he’s been in at uni, but tonight we’re going out for a drink and then for a chilli at his brother’s house. So I’m really looking forward to spending our evening together Open-mouthed smile


Have a great Saturday! x


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