Here Come The Colds

I have already caught a cold and winter hasn’t even begun yet. Last year I had so many colds it was ridiculous. I was hoping it might mean this year I didn’t get so many, but so far that looks like wishful thinking.

I had my usual Wednesday morning Pilates class today, but my body was not feeling it. Its not exactly a physically demanding class but my limbs felt really heavy and they weren’t corresponding with what my brain was telling them to do. Then there was the small fact that my nose was all congested so it was a bit tricky breathing accordingly too. So it just wasn’t a very productive class.

I think I’ve upset my lower back slightly where I wasn’t breathing properly so I feel completely narked and touchy. I know to take it easy tomorrow now!

At least my cold was nice enough to wait a few days and not spoil our anniversary on Monday.


Highlight of the day: Getting some new workout gear. I’m going to wear this to Pilates and when I’m strength training in the gym – its super comfy and of course I love the purple colour Open-mouthed smile

I was supposed to have a Zumba class tomorrow morning but its been cancelled, (not the first time) but the instructor has sprained her ankle. I think its maybe for the best that I’m not going to be dancing about when I feel a bit rough. Instead I’m going to do some gentle cardio and see how I get on.

Do you continue to exercise if your sick?


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