Dinner For Two

Last night the two of us enjoyed a lovely dinner for our special date. I had such a nice, relaxing day yesterday. We were keen to celebrate our third anniversary together, but we also wanted to keep it fairly low key and intimate. So we chose to return to a cosy pub we went to recently for a date. It was the ideal setting – exactly the sort of place I had in mind for our date.


Somebody was feeling a bit unsure about having his picture taken last night Winking smile


I on the other hand, was busy snap, snap, snapping away with the old camera and doing my usual picture taking of our journey there.


Totally unnecessary car picture – but heck how many 19 year olds are able to celebrate being with the same person for three years? I was on a high.


We arrived at The Three Tuns slightly after 6 o’clock.


Where we found a nice spot by the window to sit for the evening.




Enjoying some soft, non-alcoholic beverages as we do. Winking smile



Last time we were here, I had a gorgeous vegetable lasagne which I was very tempted to get again. However somebody on a table near us ordered the fish and chips and it smelt delicious so I decided if I was going to return I would have that. So yesterday evening I went with my instincts from last time and ordered the ‘Beer Battered Haddock, Hand Cut Chips & Peas’ (source) as my main meal.


The meal was huge, but I had no problem dusting it off… It was a good hearty dinner, full of crispy textures from the chunky chips and obviously full with that fabulous fried flavour you get from fish and chips. Not a healthy choice by any means but it totally hit the spot.

Although I couldn’t fault the haddock and chips, I still think that I preferred the lasagne dish I originally tried the first time I came here. I’m very glad I tried this though. Gary had the same meal and although he enjoyed it too, he couldn’t quite finish it all (yes I out-ate a man last night, and no I’m not ashamed of that…) and said he preferred the meal he had last time over the haddock.


Of course I still had a little space in me left to fill with dessert. Again I was tempted to go for the dessert I had last time, a brownie with ice cream, but then I remembered that it left me slightly disappointed because the brownie wasn’t hot. In the end I was glad I didn’t go for the same option as before, as I tried something new and delicious, raspberry and mango sorbet. 3 words: fruity, sweet, amazing. Open-mouthed smile

It was the perfect evening to mark our three years together! Smile 



What I’m Wearing


I’m wearing a brown suede like blazer by A Wear – love this! I’ve got a feeling that this item of clothing is going to get plenty of wears this season.


A Hollister vest underneath.


With black skinny Levis jeans.


Shoes are by Vivienne Westwood & Melissa.

Jewellery was quite exciting last night, because I was able to wear my beautiful new Pandora Bracelet among with all my other ‘best’ jewellery.


Vivienne Westwood heart earrings .



Big flat ring on my left middle finger and the ring I got for my 18th birthday on my right wedding finger.


Fossil Watch.


Lastly, my new Pandora Bracelet.

What special occasions have you celebrated recently?


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