The Story Of A First Date


Three years ago, a girl and a boy went on a first date.
Her stomach was full of giddy butterflies. His hands were clammy in a nervous sweat.
The nerves were lifted a little over dinner where they both ate pasta and began to settle into easy conversation. He hinted about forming a relationship.
They went to watch a film. As the film was on, he hinted again about a relationship.
The film ended. They were outside the cinema when he finally asked her out.
She was surprised by his eager desire for her after only one date.
But an energy from the pit of her body was telling her YES! Something felt different about this boy.
Heart pounding in her chest, colour flooding to her cheeks, she told him ‘yes’.
The girl had a coldsore on her lip, so the date wasn’t even sealed with a kiss.
Yet it was still, by far the most meaningful time she had spent with any boy in her life.





It was the start of a beautiful relationship Smile

And yup, we are that ‘girl’ and ‘boy.’ Todays our three year anniversary together! Time flies!

Family BBQ (19)


Garys Birthday (28)Garys Birthday (14)Snow (5)Valentines day 2010 (3)Rod's (37)

We have come so far in three years, and we have grown up in love together. I have so many wonderful memories thanks to this boy. He is my first boyfriend, my first love, the first person I ever opened my heart to.

I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Smile

Happy Anniversary! Red heart


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