The Full Up Feeling

When delicious food is placed right in front of you, its very difficult to say enough is enough. Last night was a good example of this.

We had tandoori salad, which actually turned out to be a mini-feast.


There were cucumber, tomato and pepper salad dishes.






Bread rolls.




And egg mayo.


So when my plate arrived with the tandoori, jacket potato and couscous I ended up piling all the good stuff on and it looked like this:


Half way through the meal I gave Gary my drumstick and had another small jacket potato. I later regretted that. I later regretted going back for second helpings of couscous and spicy potatoes too. I couldn’t help loading my plate when everything was so delicious!

Gah. I paid for it last night though. Annoyed

In the evening we went out for a drink, I only had a diet coke but it completely bloated me on top of that huge dinner. My jeans were tight. I felt uncomfortable and that made me keep going over and over in my head that I need to stop being so greedy.

I mean, I had a big enough dinner to begin with. I need to learn that actually a plate is plenty of food. When I thought about all the food I went back for seconds of, I know it could have been worse. I was going back for more salad and couscous (making a point of avoiding the side dishes of coleslaw and egg mayo which would be packed with calories and fat.) So in that sense at least I went back for stuff which is good for me.

However I still just need to control my hungry urges.

A month ago I wrote about Eating Less and Moving More. I’m feeling incredibly positive about the moving more aspect – I’m definitely being so good on the exercise side of my healthy living plan. However I just seem to be Moving More and Eating More!

During the day I’m really good, I try and control what I eat throughout the day. But then when dinner time comes, it just all goes to waste! Sad smile 

I really want to change my eating habits! I’m working so hard to train and get my body in shape, but its all going to waste when I splurge at dinner time.

Sometimes you need an eye-opener and I think I’m getting one right now. Its time to be smart about what I’m eating. Starting now.


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