Switching Things Up

For my workout today I had 45 minutes of cardio planned. After a month of steady exercise I think I’m ready to push myself a little more and increase the amount of cardio I’m doing. But I’m dedicated to planning it right this time, I’ve done things wrong so much in the past that have led to injuries so I’m all about avoiding that. This is how I’ve been planning my training lately and its worked very well for me:

Week Beginning Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Additional Notes:

Click here to see the proper web version of my workout log.

I’ve created this table to give me a day to day breakdown of my workouts for each week of the month. Its keeping me focused knowing that I have a plan and I’m not just going into things willy-nilly.

So for the last month I kept my cardio to a maximum of 30 minutes a session, and I think that worked well as a stepping stone to build me up. But I know that my body is capable of more,  so there’s no time like the present to take it up a step and gradually increase this.

Todays Workout:
  45 minutes
Workout:   5 min warm up stepper
                  10 minutes rowing
                  15 minutes elliptical
                  15 minutes cycling
Calories:   400
Additional: 30 leg presses
                    30 seated leg curls

As you can see, I really switched things up today in my workout. Rather than doing a solid block of cardio for the first time I thought I could incorporate different activities to keep me motivated. It worked pretty well but my legs were so tired by the end. I’m feeling pretty good now though Open-mouthed smile

Its curry night in our house tonight! Indian food get in my belly!


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