Comment From A Stranger

What’s the weirdest thing that a stranger has said to you?


This morning, after Pilates I left the studio and was approached by another lady who had just taken the same class as me. I recognised her from some other classes, so she isn’t a complete stranger but still a stranger none the less. She seemed friendly enough but I just can’t get her comment out my head!

The lady kind of smiled at me and went to ask me how old I was, but before I told her I was 19 she then went on to say ‘I keep looking at you in class and wonder why you’re not in school.’ I told her my age and that I’m at university. She still couldn’t have been convinced because she replied something else and finished off by telling me that I looked like a ‘little girl!

I really didn’t know how to respond so I just laughed and said thank you. I still don’t know how to take that comment? Do I really look that young?! Nobody else has ever remarked that I look particularly young so I was just really surprised and taken back by it.

How bizarre what different people see in you. 


Stuffs been pretty uneventful for me the last few days as I’ve been working all the lates, but tonight is my last shift for this week. Other than going to the gym, nothing too exciting has been happening wait that’s a lie, this is pretty exciting and worthy of a mention on the blog:


Isn’t it gorgeous?


And do you know what makes it even sweeter? The fact that I bought it for a bargain price.


Its online price is £129 but I managed to track it down for £70 Open-mouthed smile 

This beauty is making its debut next week for a special occasion! I’m getting excited now! I’m also looking forward to just having some time off work. I’m planning on doing some work on here: my ‘About’ page is getting a revamp at the moment and I’m also going to get myself prepared for my university course this week.

Stay tuned! The end of this week is already looking more exciting than the beginning Open-mouthed smile How’s your week going so far?


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