Monday Morning Productiveness

Good morning! I’ve had a nice morning and I’m ready to face another week Open-mouthed smile Its only 11am but I already feel like I’ve had a productive start to this week:

I’ve been swimming with my Mum. Nothing too strenuous just a few lengths up and down for 20 minutes. Came straight home and put the towels out to air.


I’ve done the dishes. Washed, dried and put away.


I’ve put this little girly outside to play. She’s making the most of the warmer temperatures because soon enough it will be too cold for her to go outside.


I’ve raked the leaves in the back garden. This is how it looked when I started:


To how it looked when I finished:


What a difference it made! I used up two big sacks in the end! And its only the beginning of autumn, I know that by the end of the week the floor will be carpeted with more leaves again Smile with tongue out but its good to keep on top of it!


And last but not least, I’ve finished off doing some wrapping.


What’s up next for this productive Monday morning?


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