Solo Shopper

Hello. Happy Friday! And what a beautiful Friday it is, the September heat wave continues for another day here and its splendid!


I will start off by apologising, I seem to be banging out the alliterative post titles this week Winking smile there must be something about the letter ‘S’ … Maybe when September finishes my alliterative streak will come to an end. (Unlikely though.)

Yes you guessed it, today I did a spot of shopping – solo shopping. I drove up to my favourite shopping destination, Bluewater, and just mulled around the shops. It was blissful.


I went swimming at half 8 this morning with my mum, who by the way joined the gym earlier this week! We had a lovely swim and was out and showered by half past 9 this morning. There is something so refreshing and accomplishing when its still only early in the day but you can already say that you’ve started it on the right foot Smile.

I headed straight to Bluewater and arrived there just after 10 o‘clock . I was pretty eager for a coffee so my first stop was obviously Costa.


I ordered a medium iced caramel latte. It was wonderful: sweet and creamy with a good kick of coffee. I drank it as slowly as I could to savour it, but it was pretty difficult being so tasty.


I sat at a table by myself and watched all the shoppers pass by. It was actually sort of nice to just be by myself and soak up the pleasant atmosphere.


After my coffee, I happily glided round all of my favourite spots.





As per usual, I saw loads that I liked. But technically I was only going for a little browse today, as I have been shopping recently. Unfortunately my ‘little browse’ didn’t turn out so little In love


Uh oh. Is it bad that I actually consider today as a tame shop? As a, ‘I’m being good and not spending too much money’ sort of shop…. Yet I came home with 5+ bags…

What can I say? Winking smile I needed a little pick me up. Besides, I work hard so why not? It all started once I tried a few bits on. I just can’t help myself. Its the feeling of putting a new garment on and plotting in your mind what you could wear with it and where you could wear it.


For example this top from New Look stood out to me straight away on the rails. I love the colour and I think the design is really pretty and quite unusual. I buttoned the back up and my mind was automatically visioning what I would pair it with…

Black skinny jeans?Westwood pumps?Hair in a side plait or perhaps up in a high, smooth bun? And seen as though the top isn’t tight it would be ideal to wear for meal.. a meal I have planned with the in-laws in a couple of weeks?

Yep I was sold! It turned out to be a cheeky purchase because the top wasn’t exactly expensive to begin with (it was £20) and a quick flash of this earned me 20% off:


Sweet! Open-mouthed smile I love my student card so much, the amount I use it, it must save me so much money seriously! Great investment right there.

Once I buy one thing, the ball starts rolling and more purchases follow and so I came home like this:


Just call me the bag lady. Winking smile

A few bits from my shop:




I’m feeling pretty satisfied with today as I achieved what I set out to do: I exercised, bought my boy’s final present for a special date next month and got a final piece to finish my outfit for that special date. Open-mouthed smile I’m really looking forward to it, I need something positive to focus my energy on…

Have a lovely Friday evening x


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