September Sun

I’m feeling a lot better today, and I’m actually feeling capable of enjoying some September sunshine unlike yesterday.

Todays Workout:
Duration: 35 Minutes
Workout: 5 min warm up on stepper
30 mins cross trainer
Calories: 350
Additional: 60 leg abductions
30 seated leg curls

I hit the gym at 8 this morning for a quick blast of cardio. I originally had my name down for a Zumba class but after the day I had yesterday, I wasn’t really in the mood for dancing. Instead I had a date with the elliptical. It was a hot sweaty workout: exactly what I needed. I was home nice and early for a coffee break in the garden.

Reality check.


Is this weather for real? Its beautiful outside right now. It feels so calm and there literally isn’t a cloud in the sky today. If you didn’t know better you’d say that its like Summer out there. If you look closely though, there are plenty of signs to remind us that autumn is in full swing.

Like a carpet of leaves forming on the grass.


It doesn’t mean that we aren’t making the most of it.


This little one doesn’t mind the weather one bit. In fact this is the perfect temperature for her. Give her a shaded patch of grass and this is one happy little pig.


I took advantage by eating lunch outside today at the table.


Lunch was a fun little mix of goodies today. I was feeling pretty random as I pondered what to have in the kitchen today.


Two soft white rolls, one filled with something sweet and one filled with something salty. Oh yes I did:


Peanut butter and raspberry jam Open-mouthed smile and on the side I ate a bowl of raisins, crisps and a Go Ahead bar. A nice satisfying lunch after an early start at the gym today.

This weather is all well and good, but there has been a big part of me craving for autumn. Its nice to get a few final wears out of my summer dresses I suppose, however I think I’m ready to wrap up in my gorgeous new winter clothes. Especially since this arrived today:


My lovely new blazer Open-mouthed smile 

I ordered it online from ASOS at the beginning of the week and it came today. I’m so chuffed with it! It has a beautiful fit and I feel quite sophisticated in it Winking smile. But sadly, for now it has been put away in my wardrobe until the temperatures drop a bit.


Don’t worry blazer, we will meet again very soon. Open-mouthed smile

While I’m on the subject of clothes and my wardrobe – how adorable are my new coat hangers?! They are super sturdy so they hold my clothes wonderfully. I’m using them to hang all my jeans over.


So not only are the hangers strong but they also keep my wardrobe looking tidy as my jeans aren’t all dangling all over the place. Tidiness = added bonus in my books Open-mouthed smile


And if you’re wondering where I got them from… Just a little store called Primark Winking smile 10 hangers for £4 … gotta love a bargain!

I’m off to work at 3 to run the late shift. Here’s hoping it won’t be too stressful.. Enjoy the rest of the day whatever you’re doing! x


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