Things I’m Loving

Welcome to Things I’m Loving:The September Edition – a new feature I’ve created for the blog. Basically this is a new post I’ve decided to feature once a month, as an opportunity for me to talk about all the things I love right now. The things I’m including are going to be appropriate for each specific month – this isn’t just a post where I’m rambling on about everything I love in the world.

What’s the intention of the post?
I think that its often easy for us to get caught up on the things that don’t make us happy in our lives. And as I’ve said in the opening paragraph, this post will be a good opportunity for me to emphasise what I love and therefore what is making me happy – the posts are supposed to spread some positivity! Sometimes it isthe smaller things in life that make us happy – but other times what makes us happy could be those gorgeous pair of heels you just bought or that little black dress. The post is just a personal way to express what I’m loving – whether it be an object or an achievement.

The posts will probably include a wide range of topics – so I’m hoping its going to be a fun (and definitely random)thing to include on the blog. That’s enough explaining, time for the post!

Things I’m Loving: The September Edition


This month I’ve really been enjoying having a nice, warm bowl of soup for lunch. I think soup is a big comfort food for me during the colder periods of the year. There is something cosy about having a bowl of hot soup for your lunch on a chilly autumn day! September’s speciality has been Homemade Mushroom Soup – oh so delicious. Can I have more mushrooms in my life please?


Honey Oats And More

This cereal has been a new edition in our house in September, and I tell you what – I just can’t get enough of it! I love the flavour, I love the crunchy texture and I love the way that after one bowl I’m always left wanting more! When I find it difficult to get out of bed each morning, the thought of having a bowl of Honey Oats And More is enough to make me jump out of bed and down into the kitchen!


My Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

Who am I? Without a doubt, summer is my favourite time of the year for clothes. I love the bright colours, girly dresses, the cute skirts, skimpy shorts, sandals, bikinis – just all of it. However this year, I’m getting totally excited about my autumn/winter clothes! I’m completely stocked up on jumpers, cardigans and long sleeved tops – and for once I can’t wait to wear it all.


Fossil Watch.

Possibly the best purchase of this month? It feels amazing to wear, probably because of the beautiful big round face it has. Its one of those items that can completely transform an outfit from being so-so to awesome! Money well spent.


Dressing Gowns.

Yep – the dressing gown has made its debut this month! I can honestly say I welcome its return too. Its so nice to wrap up in one. Gary likes to call me a Polar Bear whenever I snuggle up in my white dressing gown.


Jimmy Choo

I LOVE this fragrance! I’ve been wearing it all month. It smells absolutely gorgeous: rich, sexy with a fruity edge to it. Easily up there with all of my other favourite perfumes.



I’ve really been enjoying taking Pilates classes this month. The instructor is really kind, she is encouraging, helpful and motivating. The atmosphere in the class is so relaxing and my whole body feels great afterwards. I look forward to class every week now.


The X Factor.

OMG. Deliberate use of Oh My Godhere. Because if I’d have told myself a last September that I would be watching X Factor this year, I wouldn’t have believed it for a second! I couldn’t stand the old panel of judges particularly Simon and Cheryl, but now they’re gone the show actually has some likeability in my opinion. I love all the judges now! I definitely have a soft spot for Mr Gary Barlow! I think Tulisa is beautiful and really fresh to the show, and of course Kelly is completely glam. Louis provides the entertainment factor, Gary and I are always cracking up over Louis.



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