Hair Fail

Hello! How has your Monday been?

Mine was quite productive in the end as I got some jobs done, but the majority of my day was taken up with going to the hairdressers. The last time I had my had my hair done was back in May, so its actually been a while for me.


My Dads my hairdresser which is both a good and a bad thing. Its good because I always get a free hair do. Its bad because he thinks he knows best and won’t do what I ask him to.

I want my hair a lot darker, like a honey blonde not a light blonde. To be honest I would ideally like to colour my whole head of hair a darker blonde but my Dad won’t do it, he only does highlights with a cap.

Today I requested dark blonde streaks. I sat in the chair for 40 minutes waiting for the colour to set and I could tell it was going to be a waste of both mine and my dad’s time. My hair doesn’t look the slightest bit darker or even different in my opinion! Sometimes I just wish he would do what I ask him to. Thinking smile

Oh well, the ends definitely needed a trim so it wasn’t a complete waste of time..

What I’m Wearing.

I was keeping it casual again today but I definitely made the most of the warmer temperatures and the vest made an appearance!


I’m wearing a Hollister vest, which I really like because I think the colour is so pretty.


I’m wearing skinny Levis jeans – they are the comfiest pair of Denims ever and my go-to pair of jeans when I need something that feels easy to wear.

Jewellery was simple again today.


Butterfly studs.


I’m wearing my children’s hospice charity band, which is made from sterling silver and reads “Today is a gift.. have fun” I’ve had it for years now and still wear it every now and then Smile

Pretty uneventful Monday as far as Mondays go.. but I’m not complaining! Back to work tomorrow morning bright and early. Hope your week started off well x


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