Spinning Virgin

I felt like a virgin yesterday.

It was my first time.

I was nervous, inexperienced and a sweaty mess by the end of it. Obviously I’m talking about my first spin class… Winking smile


All I have to say is WOW. Surprised smile 

I’m going to admit that I honestly had no idea what to expect from a spinning class. It. Kicked. My. Butt.


I was as red as a beetroot after just 5 minutes. It was so tough on my little legs. I felt ridiculously unfit at first but sort of got into it by the end of the class. The instructor was motivating and definitely tried to get the class to push ourselves, often encouraging us to turn up the resistance. As a newbie I kept the resistance pretty easy and even that was challenging for me.

I really loved the new experience of the spin class and I think its good to have a challenge, so I put my name down for next weeks class! Bring it on!

I got home from the gym, fresh, showered and feeling like a new woman. I was pretty hungry by lunchtime and I was craving something eggy.


More specifically dippy egg.


I had a a bit of an egg fail to begin with though.


I must have cooked the eggs for too long so instead of being nice and runny, they turned out like this:


Solid yolk! Sad smile How was I supposed to dip my soldiers in there?!


Luckily we had enough eggs in the house so I could correct my dodgy one. And we definitely had enough toasted soldiers.


Mum also had an egg with me so we shared some soldiers to dip (I didn’t eat all that bread by myself). Finally we got the egg right!


Runny egg yolk Open-mouthed smile so delicious but messy!


It was an eggy mess!

The rest of my afternoon was spent relaxing and catching up on blogging. I was supposed to meet up with Fran to get a Costa, but we rearranged it for an afternoon in the week some day.

For dinner Mum made a fabulous curry feast, Gary came round to enjoy some of her Indian cuisine after work. Then we all went out for a drink at our local after dinner, where I was quite unconventional and enjoyed an alcoholic beverage.


Generally speaking, I’m not a huge drinker. I enjoy the occasional drink on holiday or on special occasions but other than that I stick to the diet coke. I do quite like cider though especially Jacques – and I’ve been tempted to try the Bulmers Red Berry. So last night I shared a bottle with my Mum. She was driving so couldn’t have one to herself Winking smile


It was really sweet and fruity. Just how I like it to be Open-mouthed smile


Cheers to treats at the weekend!


Gary was busy snacking on crisps.


And my Dad was being his usual silly self.

A little while later Gary left as he was going on a boys night out, so it was time to say Bye for the evening. The three of us stayed for a bit longer before calling it a night. I finished Saturday off by watching X Factor Winking smile


What I’m Wearing.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty laid back, so I dressed pretty low-key.


I’m wearing a vest and crocheted cardigan both from Primark. I really love both of these pieces of clothing. The vest is so comfortable and the colour goes well with loads of outfits. The cardigan just looks really pretty, however it can be a bit of a nuisance as its catching on all my jewellery!


I’m wearing light denim Levis jeans (and my slippers in this picture Smile with tongue out)

Because of the style of the cardigan, jewellery was minimal again.


Butterfly studs.


Fossil watch, some beads from Spain and my favourite butterfly ring.

Just F.Y.I nails are by Rimmel Pro.


Have you ever taken a Spin Class? Have a lovely Sunday evening for me, as I’m spending mine at work. x


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