In Mum’s Bad Books

Living at home with your parents, means that you have to come to terms with arguments, disagreements and generally being in your parents bad books. I think I’m in my mum’s bad books again. Now I said that you have to come to terms with it, I didn’t say anything about it being easy. Because believe me it isn’t.

Even when you’re putting more effort in, apparently you can still piss them off.

This morning I even made my parents tea and biscuits in bed.


I gave the guinea pig her breakfast.


I took us all to the gym with my free passes so we could spend some time together as a family.


I’ve been trying to help out more in the kitchen.


Yet I’ve still managed to work my way into my Mum’s bad books. Apparently I need to “get motivated”. Its a bit of a frustrating circle but I will try my best to keep my mum sweet. So I’ve made a list of jobs to do tomorrow:

Monday Morning Check List:
– Wash Car
– Clean Room
– Tidy Laptop area
– Tidy Desk Draw
– Post eBay Items

Oh well, its a start I suppose.



Todays breakfast was a bowl of warm Weetabix, cup of tea and a banana. The Weetabix went from two solid biscuits like this:


To a sloshy bowl of tastiness that looked like this:


Yum Open-mouthed smile

Before work today I managed to get to the gym.

Todays Workout:
30 Minutes
Workout: 10 Mins Arc Trainer
                 10 Mins Cross Trainer
                 20 lengths in pool
Calories:  330
Additional: Leg exercises

Here’s to the start of a productive week!


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