Friday Night Equals Date Night

Hello! I hope your weekend is off to a pleasant start! I can safely say this weekend is already a lot better than the last one.

I’m still a bit behind in the blogging department but I’m hoping to catch up over the weekend.


Lets skip back to yesterday. Friday night meant date night last night! But firstly, onto breakfast:


Breakfast was a nice bowl of crunchy, delicious Honey Oats And More, with a banana on the side and a lovely mug of tea to drink. I’ve really been enjoying eating breakfast recently, and the reason is because I’ve changed my morning routine slightly.

For the last week I’ve been making a conscious effort to sit up and eat breakfast properly. Normally breakfast is the only meal I eat on the sofa in front of the TV/laptop and I think that eating it this way takes my attention off the actual food I’m consuming. It leaves me feeling unsatisfied and hungry.

Sitting up at the table with my breakfast in front of me and actually paying attention to what I’m eating is so much more fulfilling.


My morning was actually a bit slow in starting in the end. We were up early because I had to take my Mum to the dentist at half past 8, but the morning just slugged along.


For the last month or so Mum’s been suffering with an infection in one of her teeth. She was on antibiotics to reduce the infection, but the antibiotics weren’t the solution to the problem. The tooth needed either root canal treatment or to be removed.

She’s been pondering over what decision to make for a while now. She had root canal a few years back and it left her in agony for a couple of months afterwards, suffering with constant face ache. I was a girl when she had it done, but I can still remember seeing how poorly my mum looked and how miserable the treatment made her feel.


The memory of it for all of us made us quite biased towards the situation and I was encouraging her to have the tooth removed. I can’t stand seeing her miserable.

I think deep down Mum knew she couldn’t face root canal again. But she was really torn over what decision to make. The thought of having a gap where her tooth should be was not at all appealing to Mum, nor would it be to anyone I imagine. But luckily the tooth is located in the middle if you picture a set of teeth, so it wouldn’t be massively noticeable.


In the end she decided to have the tooth removed. So I drove us down to the dentist to go with her to have it done. I sat in the waiting area and tweeted while she went in. I was a bit worried about what state she would be in afterwards (we are quite a queasy family – don’t  do well with blood, hospitals etc) but surprisingly she was ok. Tender and a bit grumpy, but ok.

I’m glad she decided to have the tooth removed. You can’t even notice it, and even if she feels self conscious about it, there’s always the option of a false tooth.

Anyways, the rest of my morning was pretty uneventful. I did some cooking, [full post coming later] tried to motivate myself to go to the gym but failed to and waited around for the postman.


He eventually knocked at my door, bearing the parcel that saved my week. My new laptop charger! Meaning I can happily blog away again now.


My evening was a lot more eventful than the morning. That is because Gary and I went on a date. We haven’t been out on a date for ages now and I was really looking forward to it! We went out and celebrated nothing in particular and it was fabulous.

We went for a meal at a country pub called The Three Tuns, about a twenty minute drive away, that we’ve heard good things about. Gary had been before for a quiz night, but it was his first time dining there. We also know some people who work there (my cousin is a waitress and Gary’s close friend works in the kitchen) and the landlords are also related to another friend of Gary’s, so we were keen to try it out.


It was a beautiful evening out there yesterday.


The atmosphere inside the pub was warm and friendly. I instantly fell in love with the country charm it has. We arrived early so we could have a drink before and I eyed up the perfect spot for our drink, a sofa!


We placed our usual order of diet cokes. But the drink was a bit eh and flat. Maybe it was at the end of the tap?


Gary wasted no time in browsing the menu.


We spent some time deciding what to have and then once we were ready Gary went up to the bar to order for us. We moved from the sofa to a table near the bar by this point.

Gary went for a very manly looking burger.


While I went for something completely different, a vegetable lasagne.


The lasagne was delicious! I always love a good pasta dish and this completely lived up to my expectation. It was hot, cheesy and full of all the good stuff! LOVE vegetables. I was sad when the dish was empty.

We let our dinner settle down for a bit before looking at the dessert menu. It was nice to watch the evening slowly get darker.


A little while later we got dessert. We both opted for a slice of brownie with ice cream.


While the dessert was good – the ice cream was thick and creamy and the brownie nice and moist, I couldn’t help be a little bit disappointed with it. The only reason the dessert was disappointing was because the brownie wasn’t served hot. It would have been so much nicer if the brownie was hot! Sadly the dessert didn’t blow me away.

Overall Impressions.


Overall, we had a really lovey evening. The food was special and you could tell it was all made carefully and precisely. I also loved the cosy and chilled out atmosphere. We will definitely be returning to The Three Tuns Smile

What I’m Wearing.


This was my outfit last night. I wanted to keep it dressy yet casual!


I’m wearing a rich purple coloured shirt from Topshop.


Jeans are black skinny Levis.


Shoes are classic black, Mary-Jane styled Vivienne Westwood heels.

I kept the jewellery really simple last night, with just earrings and a few bracelets.


Vintage purple studs.


A bracelet my uncle made me.


And some beads I purchased from a stall in Spain.

If you’re interested, nails are by Barry M.


How was your Friday? x


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