I’m back! Open-mouthed smile
I feel as though I need a << Rewind << button for this week. Where do I begin?



On Monday I made an early trip to the gym. I went on the treadmill for half an hour and did 2 miles in 29 minutes, however I didn’t wear my knee support properly and I could totally feel it in my left knee, which freaked me out so I stopped as soon as I made it to 2 miles. I don’t want to aggravate it. Ever since I’ve been taking it really easy on my legs this week and thankfully I think its feeling ok. Afterwards I worked on the upper body with some hip exercises too. Burning about 300 calories.


Lunch consisted of homemade mushroom soup, a buttered roll, crisps and Go Ahead Bar. In the evening Gary came over and we spent the night in front of the television catching up on the weekends X Factor.


Tuesday begin with a delicious bowl of Honey Oats And More, a cup of tea and banana. Enjoyed in my new breakfast set. I had a lazy morning reading blogs, blogging and wishing I was blogging. In the afternoon I met my mum for a 2 o’clock Pilates class in the studio. It was another nice class, plenty of stretching and my whole body seemed to do some work. Upper and lower back, chest, abs, arms, legs, bum, hips – you name it.


Once class was over Mum and I made a quick dip in the pool and swam 20 lengths before showering and getting ready to leave. The evening was spent in front of the television for the second night, with the boyfriend again watching the second to last American Pie. Slowly but surely we’ve made our way through the box set. My favourites are the films with the original characters but I’ve thought the other films have been alright, but boy are they crude films. Good job I have a crude sense of humour Winking smile


I had to go on yet another course for work on Wednesday. This time it was just a one day course in Basic Food Safety, but it doesn’t make the travelling seem any easier. I was up at 6am on a dark, wet morning and I wanted nothing more than to get back into my warm bed. Instead I muttered a few bad words, got dressed, threw some breakfast together (toast) made myself a coffee in the thermo cup and stormed out the door into the drizzling rain.


Thankfully I managed to get a lift with a few others from work who were doing the same course. I sat in the back, supped coffee – which made the 3 hour drive a tiny bit bearable and snoozed in and out of consciousness for most the ride. The course was boring as hell but luckily we were finished just before 3 which meant we got to avoid the 5 o’clock rush hour traffic on the M25 and I was home and drinking tea by 5. Mum and Dad went out for lunch during the day so they kindly bought me dinner at our social club. I ordered a cheese and mushroom omelette. It was tasty! Then they took me to see my Granddad in hospital, which was difficult for me on many levels. I just hate hospitals in general. But more than that I hate seeing my Granddad laying helplessly in a hospital bed. I don’t know how my Dad has the strength to go every single day. But I suppose I would have to make myself if it were my Dad.


One word. Zumba. I went to my first class yesterday and definitely enjoyed myself. The instructor was young and full of energy which just bounced off to the rest of the class. For the most part I would say the class was pretty easy, ya know just bop along to the music and follow the instructor. But I have two left feet and zero coordination and at times I couldn’t follow her lead. I kept losing my step a bit. But none the less I just kind of went with it and tried my best. The more I go the better I’ll get I’m sure. Despite feeling like a bit of a lemon, it was a fun workout and a different approach to exercise which is always refreshing. I’m certain it burned a few calories off anyway!


I ate my lunch on a tray in the lounge yesterday. Lunch consisted of a fresh and delicious brown bread sandwich with light spreadable cheese, cucumber and rocket. I had a packet of crisps, Go Ahead Bar and coffee on the side. I worked the late shift in the evening – and ran my first shift by myself: I think it went well!


I just whizzed through my week so far, and hopefully covered it in a nutshell. Basically I’ve been using my mum’s laptop for the last few days, and while it has Live Writer so I could blog – there was no way of uploading any pictures. And a post isn’t any fun without pictures is it?!


But then about an hour ago the postman finally delivered the parcel I’ve been waiting for all week:


My new laptop charger! We have power! Open-mouthed smile I’m so happy to be back on my own laptop – and to be able to blog again. I’ve missed it!

I’ll be back to blogging as normal from tomorrow. Have a fun Friday everyone x


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