New Features

Hello Open-mouthed smile

I’ve decided to add some new features to FPF. I’ve added some new pages to the blog in the last month including a ‘House Tour’ page under Favourites, a Picture page, a Shopping page, I’ve also changed the structure of ‘Events and Occasions’ page so now its just a source to links and the Motivation page will be up and running in the next week


Other features I’m planning to introduce are a monthly post called ‘Things I’m Loving’ which is basically going to be an opportunity for me to talk about all the things I’m enjoying and spread some positivity. The post will be quite broad and will range from foods I’m loving, to an item of clothing I love, to maybe a TV programme or song that I can’t get enough of. You can see the first ‘Things I’m Loving’ post in the next few days hopefully. I think its going to be a nice, fun post to include on the blog.

Another feature that I thought would be fun to add would be a ‘What I’m Wearing’ section at the middle or end of a post. I love my clothes a lot hence ‘Fashion’ in the title of my blog but I’ve noticed that I hardly ever write about my day to day outfits! I will try and include this feature as regularly as I can.

(Side Note: If I don’t include a ‘What I’m Wearing’ section in a post I would most likely assume that I’m either still in my PJs, sweaty workout gear or my lounge wear Smile with tongue out)


Before and After.





Blogging Update:

I’m still unable to blog properly for the next few days after yesterday’s technical issue arose. My main issue is being unable to upload pictures, you see my camera doesn’t have a USB connection lead so I always just pop the memory card in the side of my laptop and its ready to go. But my Mum’s laptop doesn’t have the facility to do that Thinking smile

Its kind of bugging me being unable to blog. But I’ve managed to do at least this post on my mum’s laptop as it didn’t require my camera Winking smile

How do you manage when technology fails you?


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