A Few Of My Favourite Things

Today was full of my favourite things: gym, swimming, the boyfriend and shopping.


Shopping was possibly the highlight of my day, but only by a fraction.

I began in the gym this morning bright and early. I signed in at 8am as I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time for a good workout and a swim.

Todays Workout:
Duration:   50 minutes
Workout:    5 mins warm up on arc trainer
                     30 mins cross trainer
                     20 lengths in pool
Calories:     550
Additional: 20 chest presses
                    20 over head presses
                    20 pull downs

I had another really good workout! I’m already feeling fitter and its only early days Smile I warmed up on the arc trainers to get my legs going. My old gym didn’t have arc trainers and think they’re a good machine to warm up on.Then the bulk of my workout was on the cross trainer. Thankfully my hamstrings weren’t feeling tight like they were yesterday, so my legs were feeling good on the cross trainer. The last 10 minutes did begin to burn a little but hey, no pain no gain? I finished my workout with 20 easy lengths in the pool.


Today, I took my makeup bag with me to the gym because I knew I wouldn’t have time to put it on when I came home as Gary was due to pick me up at 11 for our shopping trip! So I showered and got ready at the gym today.  Its so convenient having hairdryers at the gym! Open-mouthed smile 

Anyway, on to todays shop! As arranged Gary came to pick me up at 11 and we were off to Bluewater. By the time we arrived I was eager for a coffee and a bite to eat. Exercising makes me work up a wild appetite Winking smile


Our first stop was Costa! I ordered a delicious iced caramel latte and mini flapjacks to share with Gary.



We had three squares each and both agreed that they were really good! They had a chewy but crumbly texture and a hearty flavour. Lets just say they tied us over for an hour or so before lunch Winking smile

Afterwards it was straight to business and by business I mean spending our moneys!

Today I actually bought quite a few sports bits. I have purple running trainers and I know that purple gym attire is hard to come by so I took advantage of Sweatshop’s purple Nike gear and bought two t-shirts


The price tag said £24 but when I came to the till it turned out that they were reduced to £19 – absolute result! I really like the fact that the top has two shades in the design too.

I also bought some hair bands from Sweaty Betty


I got a black band too.


Other purchases included a skirt from River Island and a top and body warmer from H&M.


In the changing rooms with my new outfit:


I think I like it? Smile


About an hour into our trip we decided to grab some lunch.


Gary went for KFC. He made his usual order of a large popcorn chicken meal.


I on the other hand stuck with a more traditional lunch: tuna and cucumber baguette from Eat.




Paired with a packet of salt and vinegar squares and a new snack bar Gary introduced me to yesterday.


These Go Ahead bars are on offer in Sainsburys at the moment and Gary tried them, and knew that I would like them. My boy knows me so well. I was instantly impressed with the light and fruity taste. I got one for lunch today and then requested we make a trip to Sainsburys on our way home so I could make use of the offer too!




They sort of remind me of garibaldi biscuits. I loved garibaldis as a little girl.

Off to watch a DVD with the boyfriend. Happy Friday! x


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