Gah! My Zumba class was cancelled this morning Baring teeth smile


I got up at 8 this morning so I had plenty of time to wake up and get ready for the 9.45 class, ate some more Honey Oats And More for breakfast and then shortly after I received a phone call explaining that the class was cancelled today.


I was looking forward to my first Zumba class too! 

Although, part of me is silently pleased that the class was cancelled as my hamstrings have been feeling a little tight, even after a nice Pilates class yesterday. Perhaps the class being cancelled was actually for the best? With Zumba being off I decided to make today an easy exercise day. Gary and I are going to take a nice stroll along the river front later this afternoon Smile

Have I mentioned what a gorgeous day it is today?


Just look at the colours in our garden. So pretty.

Slowly but surely the flowers of summer are wilting. Their brilliance has come to an end for another year.


The leaves are dying.


Things are changing colours.


And the ground is reunited with crisp leaves.


….. I think its safe to say that autumn is here. Surprisingly I’m actually really happy about it for once! I am craving cosy clothes, coats, cups of teas and wrapping up warm on beautiful autumn days like today.


Mum and I embraced the beautiful fall day by making a visit to the park for coffee.


We took a flask and a lemon muffin to share.



Perfect sunny morning!


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