Taking Advantage Of What’s On Offer

Good afternoon! The week is slipping by again – I can’t believe we’re on Wednesday! Half way through another week!

My day began much like last Wednesday. I took an 8.30am Pilates class with my Mum.



Before our class I prepared myself a delicious bowl of Honey Oats and More – I love this stuff, I can’t get enough of it.


I really enjoyed my second class of Pilates today, I saw all of the same faces as last week. Everyone seems really friendly and there is a good atmosphere in the class.

The instructor made the class very different from last week which I thought was good. Today there was lots of stretching, some abdominal work, and lots of work on our wrists like planks. The hour flew by. I would say that I probably preferred last weeks class, only because I’m really weak on my wrists and they were ready to rest by the time class finished. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy todays class. I really loved the deep stretches and the relaxing atmosphere to the class. I’m looking forward to next weeks class already!

Todays Workout:
Duration:  1 hour 20 minutes
Workout:   1 hour Pilates
                   20 mins Swimming
Calories:   300
Additional: N/A

Immediately after class we headed to the pool. I swam 30 lengths this morning and finished off in the Jacuzzi and steam room. I am heading out for lunch soon before work at 3 this afternoon.

I am looking forward to taking my first Zumba class tomorrow morning! What classes do you take?


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