Road Trip


Today Mum and I went on a mini-road trip.

Well, if you want to be technical, she went to work and I tagged along for the fun of it. I call that a mini-road trip though, don’t you?! Winking smile


Todays Workout:
  40 Minutes
Workout:  3k Run
                   20 lengths in pool
Calories:   310
Additional: 60 torso rotations

My day begun nice and early: my alarm went off at 7.15, I ate some cereal, got ready and was on the treadmill by just after 8 o’clock. On my training schedule I wanted to complete 20 minutes of cardio at the gym as well as some swimming, so I just hopped on the treadmill for 20 minutes and ran for as long as I could. I was feeling really good on there! I honestly love running – and fingers crossed – the knee feels fine Open-mouthed smile ! Praying that it can keep this up. I WILL get fit again! I ran 3km in the 20 minutes on there which I was very happy with. It doesn’t sound like a lot but its a lot to me!

I was more than ready for a refreshing swim afterwards!


I am definitely feeling very satisfied with my new gym membership. Its so nice to get back into exercising – especially exercise that I actually enjoy! Enjoyment really is key! Right now I am loving the running and I am loving the swimming! Joining up at the new gym turned out to be a good move.


Feelin’  good after a great workout!

One shower, change of clothes and an application of makeup later and we were out the door and off on our little road trip!


The tunes were playing on the radio!


The sun was shining!


The sunglasses were on!


Fun times! Open-mouthed smile



When my mum had finished all her jobs we stopped off for a drink and a bite to eat. We got a Costa and then I got a bun from the bakery. Look at all of that deliciousness to choose from! Surprised smile


I went for a Belgian bun in the end. I, savoured, every, last, bite. It was absolutely amazing! The bun was soft and fresh, the icing scrumptiously sweet and the raisins gave it the final fruity touch. I definitely deserved to treat myself with this.


Apparently I was temporarily blinded by the deliciousness of my bun?!


Just kidding. Winking smile

Tomorrow morning I’m taking my second Pilates class. I’m looking forward to another early morning of exercise. Its been so rewarding mentally and physically!

I hope your Tuesday was as fun as mine! x


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