Today Is A New Day

Last night at work I was stressed.

I don’t need to go into details about it, but I despise the feeling.

I can be a really angry lady when I want to be.

So be afraid…

Just kidding Winking smile 

But, on a serious note I really don’t want to slip back into my old ways.

I took a breath in, counted to ten.

Tried to finish my shift on autopilot.

Today Is A New Day.

I’m ready to start a fresh today. No more of that rubbish attitude, lady.


I’m at work today but I’m going to plough through it with a positive attitude and look forward to coming home to relax. I really need to give myself a manicure as my poor hands and nails need some TLC. Then I intend to chill on the sofa with a hot beverage in my hand watching X-Factor on the TV. And I think a leisurely swim and trip to the spa is exactly what I need to wind down tomorrow. I’m feeling better just thinking about it.


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